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Premier Integration Partners

ChannelAdvisor provides retailers and manufacturers with a single, integrated user interface for marketplace management across hundreds of online channels. Retailers can leverage a single inventory feed through ChannelAdvisor to list products, optimize their listings and manage orders on Jet.
  CommerceHub connects brands, distributors, retailers, marketplace providers, and digital advertising channels, providing complete control over product content, catalog data syndication, marketplace selling, and digital product advertising through a single, unified platform.

Integration Partners

Built by multichannel sellers with Jet selling experience, Zentail is the fastest and easiest way to sell on Jet.com. Whether you're shipping from your own warehouse or use a third party, Zentail makes it simple to manage your catalog, inventory and orders on Jet.com.
  Solid Commerce provides a single centralized platform that enables online retailers to connect their ERP systems, shopping carts and product catalogues to multiple online marketplaces with integrated shipping, price syncing, drop-shipping, order management and content management functionality.
An affordable API integration solution (no limits on a number of SKUs and orders, month-to-month billing, cancel anytime, no setup fee) with free customer support via phone, chat and email. GeekSeller supports all Jet API options, as well as Jet repricing, multichannel fulfillment, an integration with multiple e-commerce platforms (quantity, price and products data synchronization) and custom integration options.
  SellerCloud provides a powerful and highly customizable set of tools to meet the challenges of multi-channel selling. From catalog and inventory management, to multichannel listing, to order processing and shipping, as well as accounting integration, we can help you streamline your operations through synchronization, simplification and automation.
Sweet Valley Venture is a Marketplace Management and Applied Analytics Company with proven experience working with product based companies who hold inventory and drop ship. We have a deep background in Marketplace merchandising, product placement and planning, as well as line item profitability reporting to properly management contribution margin. 
  SellerActive is a multichannel eCommerce software solution that manages: inventory, listings, orders, and pricers for its customers through a single, cloud based, interface. SellerActive's real-time synchronization automatically updates inventory across all your channels as soon as orders are received. 
Built by eCommerce merchants, CoMerchant provides a low cost, yet highly efficient platform for selling on Jet. CoMerchant's easy to use interface enables product listing, FBA inventory and order fulfillment integration with industry leading sync times, and merchant-fulfilled ordering and returns processing.
  SlickCentral is a software platform allowing e-commerce merchants to seamlessly integrate with Jet.com. Built with simplicity in mind, SlickCentral provides an easy way to manage products, orders, and returns. Behind the scenes, SlickCentral features auto-order acknowledgement new order syncing, inventory feed, and more.
4Psite is cloud-based, multi-channel Order Management System that simplifies your eCommerce operations, and helps you grow your business. 4Psite provides seamless integration & enables you to manage eCommerce sales across more than 25 carts and channels including Jet, within a single interface. 4Psite captures & manages all of your orders centrally:  supports real time shipping,  inventory, drop shipping, purchase orders, payment processing, manual orders, built-in CRM, business intelligence, listers including Jet & Walmart Marketplace, and provides other essential features to elevate your business.
  Teapplix automates, organizes and manages shipping, inventory tracking and QuickBooks integration for small and medium-sized businesses operating on multiple Marketplaces and Shopping Carts. Our web application makes shipping, inventory tracking and accounting faster, easier and less expensive than the alternatives, saving small business owners like you time, energy and money. In addition, Teapplix provides catalog and listing management tools for Walmart Marketplace and Jet.com, helping sellers launch products with a single button click.
FarApp is a revolutionary cloud-based software solution that simplifies the time-consuming process necessary to keep product and order data synchronized between numerous eCommerce storefronts and logistics providers. FarApp frees you from managing inventory changes, catalog-wide price changes, database updates and other repetitive tasks by extending the reach of your existing software to your eCommerce storefronts and logistics providers.
Listing Mirror is a multichannel e-commerce platform. We allow customers to sync Listing, Inventory, and Order data between their online marketplaces. We allow the creation of listings, and the editing of these across all of your online channels. This allows you to optimize your listing data for each channel you sell on, and keep your listing data in sync. After listings are created, we support realtime inventory syncing. This will keep your inventory in sync across all channels you sell on. Listing Mirror supports multi-warehouse to let you tailor the inventory to each channel based on your exact business needs.Order data from all of your channels are combined into a single place, and displayed in the Listing Mirror order dashboard. Orders can be cancelled or marked as shipped from here. In addition, we support many third-party integrations such as shipstation to allow your orders to be filled and notification sent back to the market.

*Jet is not responsible for the representations and actions made by the 3rd parties above. Retailers should evaluate each vendor based on their business needs and enter into independent relationships with such vendor.


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