Jet SKU Review Process

After retailers upload product to Jet via their API integration, Jet has a dual review process in which products will go through a series of automated checks and manual review in order to maintain the data quality of product listings. In this section you will find everything you need to know about the Jet SKU review process.

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SKU Review Process

Product Status Definitions

Overview of SKU Review Process

There are several steps which go into the SKU review process. The Jet Product catalog is a robust and important aspect of what differentiates Jet from other marketplaces. Because Jet only allows one listing per SKU, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that must go into categorizing, matching, and aggregating product data to create the most concentrated and complete listings possible. The following steps cover a high-level overview of how a product travels through the SKU review process and becomes sellable on the site.

Note: SKUs cannot be reviewed unless there is inventory sent for them. SKUs must have inventory quantities greater than 0 for them to begin the SKU review process.

  • Step 1: Retail Partner uploads a SKU to Jet through their API with all required SKU information as listed in the ‘Product Listing’ section.

  • Step 2: Jet then processes the Retail Partner’s uploaded SKU information to try and match the uploaded SKUs by unique identifiers such as ASIN with SKUs already in the Jet catalog. If Jet can find a match to a SKU already listed on the platform the SKU will move through the SKU review process faster. If the SKU does not already exist in the Jet catalog, Jet will create a new product listing for the SKU and will assess its assortability.

  • Step 3: Retail Partner will upload pricing information and inventory levels for uploaded SKUs. The Retail Partner can provide a general price for their SKU, or price at a fulfillment node level. Inventory is set by fulfillment node, and the merchant should be constantly sending Jet updated inventory counts.

  • Step 4: Jet will then determine what SKUs should actually be sold on the platform based on multipack quantity economics, price parity, and the uploaded shipping data information per SKU. This means that not all multipack quantity listings for the same product will be on site. 

  • Step 5: The SKU information is then passed on to the the staging environment for indexing onto the Jet platform to ensure that the SKU is searchable for sale on the live site. After staging, a SKU can then be listed for sale on

Partner Portal Product Status Definitions

The Products section on the Partner Portal homepage has been designed to give our retail partners visibility into the status of all of the SKUs that have been uploaded to Jet. Jet provides visibility into the number of SKUs within each status, and also highlights which SKUs currently have inventory. The various product statuses are:

Total Uploaded SKUs: The total number of SKUs that the retail partner has successfully uploaded to Jet

  • Not Eligible for Sale:

    • Archived: The retail partner has set the product offer to be “inactive” (set by the seller)

    • Excluded Category or Brand: Jet’s catalog team has determined the product offer to be outside our terms. The product may be associated with a category, product type, or brand that is not permitted on

    • Unauthorized: The retail partner is not currently permitted to sell this product on This may be because the retail partner is not authorized to sell a specific product type or brand, or that the retail partner is unable to meet the fulfillment standards set out in the Jet Partner Policy

  • Attribute Data Required: In order for Jet to list products there are certain necessary attributes required. In the "Product" section of your Partner Portal, you may see that there are a number of SKUs that are listed under: "Attribute Data Required." These are products that Jet does not have enough existing information to list, and you may need to provide the additional attribute data before your product can be listed on

  • Eligible for Sale:

    • Missing Listing Data: While eligible for sale, the product is not yet listed on because it lacks the required data to be a complete listing. It is important to note that since the catalog is universal, the retail partner may choose to add the missing information or wait for another retail partner to provide the missing information. (Note: A retail partner may investigate various sub-statuses of these SKUs to determine what specific additional information is required to be a complete listing)

    • Under Jet Review: The product offer is being reviewed for data quality by the catalog team

  • Available for Sale: The product is available for purchase on if it has inventory. If the item does not have inventory, it is ready to list and will go live when inventory is added

Finally, please note that while we are working to provide real-time updates, at this time these statuses are updated once per day and therefore you may experience a lag between when you make an update to your SKUs or inventory and when that is reflected in the portal.
Check out the Product API Explanation in the Jet Developer Portal for more information on submitting products.

Additionally, check out the Product Listing Do's and Don't's document for more information on uploading products. 


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