Reporting Options


Jet will provide both a dashboard that will give Jet Retail Partners visibility to their business performance and their performance against the Jet operational performance standards.

Since Jet determines what orders retailers will win based on the prices of all products in the order, base commissions on those items as well as commission adjustments set via the Rules Engine. Retailers may adjust their: (1) items' prices via API or their integrator, (2) commissions via the Rules Engine, and (3) shipping prices in fulfillment settings.

In the Retail Partner Portal in the “Insights” tab, Jet provides insight into important information regarding SKUs that can help retailers be more competitive and profitable. Jet provides the following:

  • Market Prices - Allowing Jet retailers access to Market Prices allows retailers to view how their prices compare to the lowest prices from the marketplace for 'available for sale' products that have had sales on Jet. Retailers can also retrieve this data via API.

  • Noncompetitive SKUs - Jet also provides information on a retail partners list of Noncompetitive SKUs that have been removed from the active site listing because they have pricing that are currently not competitive enough to be sold on Jet. Being delisted from the site means that a retailer's item’s combination of item price, shipping price, and commission is at a significant premium to the lead market price. The SKUs listed here will be re-listed if their pricing becomes more comparable to the lead listings.

  • Top Jet SKUs - Additionally, Jet provides retailers with a full listing of the top products being sold on Jet as well as each category those products are being sold in, all based on sales rank.

In the future Jet will provide Jet Retail Partners with variety of other tools and reports to assess past performance and support pricing decisions. These tools may include reporting on potential foregone sales associated with a range of historical prices.


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