For any item sold on Jet, the commission rate or Applicable Commission is equal to the Base Commission Rate based on the item category plus the Commission Rate Adjustments made in the Rules Engine.

All Base Commissions on the Jet Marketplace are 15% unless explicitly noted in the table below.



The Applicable Commission Rate is applied to the Retailer Price, or the Item Price plus the Shipping Cost. A portion of the Applicable Commission Rate is passed back to the Jet Member placing the order as Jet Member Savings. Ultimately, a Retail Partner’s offer on a basket of goods is a result of both their pricing and their applicable commission.

The Jet Rules Engine also gives Retail Partners the ability to make discretionary 'Commission Rate Adjustments’, that impact the final Applicable Commission Rate and ultimately their Partner Offer, based on four factors: shipping zone (i.e. distance from fulfillment center), order size, item returnability and marketing email opt-in.

To learn more about the commission controls that live in the rules engine, visit here.

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